The story of Pikes Peak is one of adventure, courage, and humor!

Did Pike say the mountain could never be climbed?

Who made the first ascent?

Why was the mountain almost named "James Peak?"

Was a small child eaten by rats on the summet?

Who planned to fly a hang glider off the 1897?

When did the first automobile ascend the peak... without a road?

Was America the Beautiful written after a trip to the summit?


Those stories and more in

Pikes Peak, Legends of America's Mountain by James McChristal

135 pages - 40 photographs, illustrations, and maps

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Legends and stories of
Pikes Peak include:

Ta-wa-Ah-Guth, the Native Americans' Mountain
The 18th Century explorers from France and Spain
Zebulon Pike's exploration and the "unclimbable" mountain
Stephen Long's expedition and Edwin James' first ascent
Naming the mountain
John C. Fremont's famous map
The travels of George Fredrick Ruxton
Pikes Peak or Bust!
Julia Holmes, the first white woman to ascend the Peak
John Wesley Powell's one-armed ascent
Foot trails to the summit
The 1875 Hayden Survey
Old Glory flies from the Nation's highest signal station
Poor little Erin O'Keefe: Rodents on the Rampage!
Charles Lummis walks to the summit...from Cincinnati
George Theyer and his 1886 "mountain bike"
The Pikes Peak Carriage Road
The man who homesteaded the summit
Building a railroad to 14, 110 feet
"Professor" Felts and his hang glider
Nicola Tesla searches for electric earth currents"
The Locomobile's trip to the top
Building the auto road to the summit
The origin of the AdAmAn Club
The establishment of Pike National Forest
Katherine Lee Bates writes America the Beautiful

...and much more!

Author James McChristal lived in the shadow of Pikes Peak for many years. A graduate of Colorado College in Colorado Springs, he has been a mountaineer, a writer, a professional river guide, and a Ranger in a number of different National Parks around the West.


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